How To Timelessly Style Amber With Baltic Beauty Jewellery

GIFTED - The necklace and ring mentioned in this post, were gifted by Baltic Beauty Jewellery. All opinions are my own.
Baltic Beauty Jewellery; curated by partners in crime Sally-Ann Dunn and Bartosz Wozniak was founded in 2014 - here they aim to make amber (a fossilized tree resin, appreciated for its bold colour and natural beauty since Neolithic times), a uniquely stylish option for the modern woman of today.

Renowned for their ability to creatively combine the old with the new, their pieces in my opinion are contemporary and voguish. As they say your jewellery no longer needs to be an embellishment, but an extension of you without the expiration date. On their website you will find pieces such as; rings, necklaces and broaches - I was gifted the Amber Pastille Pendant and the Dainty Floral Amber Ring on this occasion, but that being said - here is...

How To Timelessly Style Amber With Baltic Beauty Jewellery:


Recently I've been living for investment pieces; whether it's jewellery or clothing - people are starting to wake up to sustainable, high end fashion and that's something I believe Baltic Beauty Jewellery have to offer. Granted the pieces aren't hefty on the pockets, but they do make a statement time and time again. I recommend that you choose your investment piece wisely, perhaps something that will be minimal enough to wear everyday, but dressy enough to wear on a night out. I found that the Amber Pastille Pendant - a stunningly round, amber pendant adorned with a sterling silver chain, really brought natural and man-made together, so much so I've worn it on dinner dates, to gigs and on photography jobs (I've even worn it to the shops).


When shopping with Baltic Beauty Jewellery, don't be afraid to reach out to Sally-Ann and ask for her guidance. Learn how to style your piece, do your research, pinterest it, hell refer back to my post on 'A 5 Step Approach On How To Find Your Personal Style'. Whether you're hitting the town in your new emerald green frock or a pair of Levis jeans and jacket, knowing how to style your amber jewellery with your modern wardrobe, could essentially be the twist you were waiting for. It's fascinating how something as simple as a pendant, can pull together an entire outfit.


Now that you've chosen your investment piece and learnt how to style it, go make a statement with it. Choosing to wear amber jewellery is a personal decision and to me, shows that you actually really care about the items in your wardrobe. I thoroughly enjoy wearing my Amber Pastille Pendant and Dainty Floral Amber Ring, because they are an extension of me and my taste. They show narrative and if you will, a little sass.

Have you shopped with Baltic Beauty Jewellery before?
Northern Ireland, UK


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